Sunday, April 28, 2019

Why Uganda?


        You in live in a small isolated village, where you struggle to meet the basic needs for your family - it is clear just by looking at your little child's tummy, he is not getting enough nutrition. Imagine, that 90% of your income/food source came from what you have planted and that because of extreme heat you lost all of your crop, leaving your family with nothing.
       Imagine - some men come through your village with a message- that if you put all your money on the grave of your ancestors, you will be delivered from your misery. Imagine - because you are desperate for something, you sell all that you have and leave the money on the graves because you believe that it will give you a better life for you and your family. Imagine - you wake up, the next morning to have all of your hopes and dreams crushed and all your money gone, along with the preachers that promised you a better life? Imagine- if all your life you have been taught that you have to work to please your ancestors or work to please God and yet always coming up short?

       Now Imagine, if someone else came to your village, not  to steal or take advantage of you, but came to share- a message that would not only change your earthly life, but would change your eternal destination? Instead of being told that you have to earn your way to God - by going to church, or giving money to pastors, or trying to please your dead ancestors, that you are told of the True and Living God, that loves you and gave Himself up for you?

       Our heart aches for the people of Uganda, to come to a clear understanding of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. That they would receive it and embraces it as their own. 

    Our heart is for the True Gospel of Jesus Christ to be reached to every person and village in Uganda. In order for us to have an effective ministry to Ugandan's, we need people who will join our support team! It is God's work, but He has given each of us an opportunity to be a part. As we minister on the "front-lines", the faithful prayers and financial gifts of our support team are essential to keep the ministry moving forward. We challenge you to prayerfully consider how you can partner in this work. We are truly grateful for our sending team! If you would like to partner with us, you can go to and put in account number 0170261.  We appreciate your involvement in this work. Whether you can give monthly, a one-time gift, or if you will commit to pray, we are grateful to be working together with you to spread the Gospel. 
Please feel free to contact us with any questions. 

Saturday, August 20, 2016

Summer Update

July 15th, we drove down to Harrisburg, PA to take part in the New Missionary Appointee Recognition service. Each year ABWE has two classes for Canadite- Seminars - one in March and another class in July. Denny and I had the opportunity to be in the March class but we had to come back to Pennsylvania this July to be recognized with both classes. From these two classes there are now 41 new missionary appointees, who are all going to the ends of the earth to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ.
New Missionaries Appointed to the continent of Africa.
Asher making new friends
 July 16th & 17th, We traveled down Hampton, VA to visit with a friend of mine that I grew up with at church, Jill. It was such a nice time catching up with her and her sweet family. Denny and I had the opportunity to share with them our ministry to Uganda and to share about the culture and people of Uganda. Asher also had a enjoyable time playing with her kids. One of the sweetest memories that I have from our visit is seeing Jill's oldest son take interest in asking Denny questions about being a missionary and not just asking the questions but writing down the answers in a notebook so that he could remember what he learned. A child is never to young to learn about serving the Lord, I pray that God will continue to mold his little heart towards service to Him! On Sunday, we had a wonderful time fellowshipping with their church. Their pastor and the people of Hampton Roads Independent Baptist Church has a heart for people and reaching their community and the ends of the world with Gospels.

Then on Monday, the 18th of July, We traveled back up to Washington D.C. to take part in the 3-day M.E. Conference. The conference was a sweet time of being refreshed through the Word, prayer and fellowship. It was nice being able to interact and here the stories of those who have been faithfully serving the Lord in different parts of the world.

 We had some time to go site seeing... Let's just say the GPS had us walking in the opposite direction of the monuments - so we only got to see the White House... but we did get to see some pretty neighborhoods.

Our Keynote Speaker: Dr. Charles Ware
We were able to have dinner with him & his wife.
Such a sweet couple and ministry they have at Crossroads Bible College in Indiana.

Wednesday, June 8, 2016

May 2016 Update

Here We Go!

It seems as though time is just flying! In the last two months since we were appointed by ABWE to be missionaries to Uganda, there has been a lot for us to accomplish! Besides our normal daily day to day work & family life, we have been busy putting together all that we will need for our Pre-field ministry. We have met with our pastor and presented our ministry to our sending church - Gowen Bible Church.  With the help of some family & friends, we have been able to put together our prayer card, some marketing material and finalize our blog. We have also began setting up meetings to share this with churches, family & friends. We are so grateful to the Lord for those whom God has called to join us in this ministry to Uganda.

Along with the support raising side of Pre-field, we also have some assignments and additional training that we have to complete before we begin our ministry in Uganda. These assignments include Bible classes, security training, and cultural development studies. In April, Denny began a 3 week online training plus an additional 7 weeks of coaching with Kingdom Come Training on how to be effective in sharing our ministry. Also, since the beginning of April, Cassie has had the opportunity to meet weekly with Becca a lady from church to go through The Story of Hope. There is truly nothing more refreshing than to see someone earnestly seek to know & understand God and to understand His Word.

In the coming months, we look forward to traveling & sharing with as many churches and individuals as the Lord leads us to. In July, we will be traveling back out to PA for the ABWE recognition service for new missionary appointees and then we will be heading over to Washington D.C. for a week long Mission Conference put on by ABWE.

We appreciate your prayer and support!
In Christ,
Denny & Cassie Nuwagaba
"Whatever you do, whether in word or deed,
do it all in name of the Lord Jesus,
giving thanks to God the Father"
- Colossians 3:17

Friday, February 20, 2015

Good Soil Training in Uganda

Good Soil Training in Uganda

 We were introduced to Good Soil last year and went for the training in May. Right away we knew that we were to take it back to our friends and partners in Uganda. We know that Uganda is a very fertile ground for the Gospel. There are so many different "Christian" organizations and groups claiming they have the right way and yet there are still so many who are lost. People are searching for hope but are often taught wrong doctrine and are exploited by many who claim to be Christians, offering a prosperity gospel but the only one prospering are the greedy pastors. I see God using the Good Soil training to equip the believers in Uganda to share the true Gospel of Jesus Christ to transform a generation and a society.  

We went back to Uganda for a visit in December 2014 and while we were there were able to train a group that has a ministry to University and High School Students. As a couple we have been supporting the Fine Pearls, supplying them with different resources and materials to help in their endeavors in Evangelism & Discipleship. After we went for the training for Good Soil, we knew that this material would be very useful to them and we wanted to take it to them. By the grace of God we were able to gather 4 of their key leaders to come and get trained in Good Soil and so they can share it with the rest of the leadership. The guys came over on a Wednesday morning from 9am and went til about 6pm. The guys were so thankful and excited to receive this material, especially the Story of Hope and the Way of Joy which they will start implementing in their outreach. As we were going through the training they quickly grasped the concepts and said this was what they needed to have a better impact in the lives of the youth they work with.  

Also, we are working with another young man named, Saturo, who has a ministry to Pastors and local churches in rural areas outside of Kampala. His mission is to help train the pastors (many don't have any training but are led by the Spirit), and to equip them with tools and resources to encourage their congregations and grow in the areas of Evangelism and Discipleship. We introduced him to the Story of Hope - which he really liked it and asked for more. Although we didn't get the opportunity this time to go through the whole Good Soil training with him, he is very interested in learning more. So when we go back we plan on bring more of it to him and also having a training session for the Pastors and church leaders.  

We are excited and look forward to the time when we get to go and settle back in Uganda, so that we can continue to train and implant Good Soil. We are so thankful that we are able to have such solid resources to help reach and teach believers and to reach out to non-believers. 

 We look forward to bringing this church the Good Soil material in the future to help in their own discipleship process and also to help in their community.